DigitalBank Vault ® Encryption Defensive Cyber Technologies

Cyber Defense

The DigitalBank Vault  One Time Pad Encryption Tech 

Encrypt in an unbreakable way: 


Text Messages and Emails


Voice Messages 


Audio Messages


Video Images  

Images and Video Files


All Types of Documents and Files 

You can then share the encrypted content on all platforms you are currently using for your online communications such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and more.

You can store securely your encrypted data on any cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Amazon, Dropbox

You can store the encrypted files on your devices, computers, servers. 

The DigitalBank Encryption Technology is working on any platform, any device or system, and supporting all languages.

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Serverless P2P

Voice Calls 

Untraceable Anonymous Encrypted Voice Calls

Undecipherable Text Messaging Chat

The device creates an encrypted private network between the sender and recipient  for  a free secret text chat

Ultra Secure File Transfer and Storage

The DigitalBank Vault® Device allows you to share any encrypted file extensions without routing them through any servers

Immune to Digital Forensic Analysis

If the device is stolen, seized or lost, ​no data can be retrieved by any forensic means because the device does not store any data  

DigitalBank Vault® the new top-notch player in the Cyber Defense ground.

Block Smartphone Tapping & Surveillance on Your Organization

DigitalBank Vault® provides sophisticated Digital Anti Surveillance technologies: military-grade encryption devices for ultra-secure anonymous communication (voice calls & text messaging) with untraceable file transfers & storage solutions

Privacy is Priceless

Total Data Privacy   

Go Dark. Use Anywhere. Leave No Trace 

The Technology

The DigitalBank Vault ™ Device​ is an end to end encrypted technology -that does not store any encryption keys ​, peer to peer-based communication between devices, ​not passing through any servers,​ so that there is no third party involved at any given moment.

Protect your organization with the Impenetrable Keyless Encryption of  DigitalBank Vault ®
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Empty data storage systems without encryption keys or
backdoors are the ultimate solution to stop
forever hacking attacks.
No Storage. No Encryption Keys. Nothing to Hack
 Encounter the next era in cybersecurity,
based on the Science of Emptiness

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