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DigitalBank Vault Limited is a Counter Intelligence firm that helps you win when no one else can.  

If you need Absolute Secrecy over your top classified communications, sensitive data storage and confidential file transfers, we offer the most sophisticated encryption technologies and advanced know how in the field of counter cyber intelligence, counter cyber espionage, anti spyware surveillance and anti smartphone interception. 


Tailored and Complex Counter Intelligence Solutions for High-Profile Individuals, CEOs, VIPs, Corporate & Institutional .

In scenarios where the stakes are elevated, the DBV Encryption Technology is Impenetrable and can’t be deciphered by any Government, Intelligence Agencies or State Sponsored Hackers , delivering total privacy to its users. 

Offline Encryption Machines

The DBV Cipher System :

100% Offline Ultra Encrypted Communications between remote offices :

No Internet 🛜 or Cellular Connections

Untraceable & Indecipherable
Top Secret Data Transfers 

Quantum Ready OTP Cipher 

Control the security of top secret communications, classified data transfers and file's storage inside and outside your institution:

Stop eavesdropping of sensitive data while Blocking Forever Ransomware Extortions

Encryption Machines & Systems  
Mobile & Desktop 

Legal Advisors  &  Accountants

Healthcare  &  Pharmaceuticals

Energy & Utility Sectors

Government Organizations

Finance & Banking 

Security & Defense​

To date, DigitalBank Vault has designed and manufactured encryption systems for dozens of countries, always with an eye to forging long-term partnerships.


Our main clientele consists of governments, foreign ministries, and diplomatic missions, ministries of the interior and police stations, armed forces by land, on the sea and in the air, and other governmental and non-governmental organizations.


The DigitalBank Vault provides the user with full Cryptographic autonomy: You can make yourself independent and invulnerable to attack with an unbreakable encryption algorithm whose impenetrable parameters you can define and control yourself.   

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