DigitalBank Vault ® SuperEncryption
  Cyber  Defense Technologies
DigitalBank Vault Ⓡ SuperEncryption Machines
Anti Espionage- Anti Interception Systems
Cyber Warfare Expertise
For Governments, Homeland Security Agencies, Institutions, Private Organizations. 

Offline Air-Gapped, Serverless, Anonymous, Keyless SuperEncryption Systems. 

The 'Holy Grail' of Encryption: Encryption of data at rest, in transit, and in use.

"Own the Most Powerful Encryption Platform in the World"
The Highest Level of Cyber Defense for secret critical data
“ If you need to communicate top classified information or you need to store data and be absolutely sure that no state-sponsored hackers, no foreign governments, no intelligence agencies will be ever able to  decipher the
files, you will need the DBV system”
This is an "Above Government" level of encryption.  
Compliant with the most stringent security and privacy regulations, including HIPAA & FIPS 140-2 in the US, and GDPR & Privacy Shield Framework in the EU.
The Only Cyber Defense Solution for protecting the public and private sector against State-sponsored Cyber Attacks.
5 Pending Patents (USPTO). 
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Go Dark.
Use Anywhere.
Leave No Trace


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