DigitalBank Vault ® provides impenetrable defensive cyber solutions for Keyless End to End Encrypted,

Peer to Peer​, mobile and

computer communications. 

DigitalBank Vault ® develops constantly new & disruptive cyber defense technologies to solve

Privacy & Secrecy

issues covering all business fields.


To change the cybersecurity paradigm is our mission whilst

creating the next era

of ultra-secure communication

and database storage. 


Block Forever Interception, Surveillance & Eavesdropping

The Next Era in Cyber Defense of

Communications and Databases

Encryption keys are essential for encrypting data and are therefore used by the DigitalBank Vault ® technology.


The main difference, however, is that we do

not store them on the devices or systems used,

not on any servers, actually nowhere.


Encryption Keys are never exchanged or transmitted

" Cyberdefense is at the top of every corporate executive’s mind" 

"We are developing disruptive communication cyber defense solutions that enable people to exchange sensitive information securely, protecting their business, finances, assets,

reputation, and personal life, against any attempt of interception & surveillance"

Our  R & D Team 


The development team is composed of top-level cybersecurity engineers coming from the leading cyber offensive software companies and are constantly up to date on the behavioral and technical evolution of methods of attack from professional hackers, cyber terrorists, computerized industrial espionage organizations and units of cyber warfare.

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