DigitalBank Vault® mission is to help users protect their private lives. 

We believe in the right to total privacy for all.


We are continuously developing cyber defense solutions that enable people to exchange sensitive information securely, protecting their business,

reputation, and personal life.


We are a cybersecurity company providing sophisticated encryption devices to Monaco's leading firms, and systems for the communication and data storage industries, securing total privacy. 

Our clients in the Principality of Monaco are Lawyers, Accountants,

Private Bankers, Family Offices and Financial Institutions.

DigitalBank Vault provides Impenetrable solutions for

secure mobile communications and includes:


Untraceable Anonymous Encrypted Voice Calls


Undecipherable Text Messaging Chat

Ultra Confidential Email Platform


100% Secure File Transfer and Decentralized Data Storage

The World's Most Secure Cryptocurrency Custody 

Storage Solution

DigitalBank Vault® Encryption Device


DigitalBank Vault  is  actually a Virtually  Unbreakable Encryption Device

Our experienced team of cybersecurity experts and top-level cryptographers at DigitalBank Vault ®

has created what we consider to be the World’s best secure voice,

messaging and data transfer device currently available:

the  DigitalBank Vault ® Device, which provides a true end to end Keyless encryption.

DigitalBank Vault protects users from all types of data breaches and

withstands any hacking attacks for one simple reason,

it does not store permanently any data, any information or any files. 

The DigitalBank Vault ™ Device​ is an end to end encrypted with our proprietary Keyless technology


It does not store any encryption keys ​, peer to peer-based communication between devices, ​not passing through any servers,​ so that there is no third party involved at any given moment.

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