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ENCRYGMA: How do you secretly talk to someone?

Updated: Jul 5




SuperEncrypted Communications

Which app is good for a secret chat? Chatting in Secret While We're All Being Watched? Top Secret Messaging Apps For Secure Chatting. Nowadays secret messaging is very much the talk of the hour as it keeps you away from the prying eyes. Here’s our take on the best Secret Messaging Apps today. If you think data sharing on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, or Snapchat is all private and nobody can see it, you might want to redraw your thoughts. The government is in a constant loop of Internet surveillance and data logging. In some previous instances, U.S. intelligence agencies found themselves in the middle of a data breach scandal of their own citizens.

Personal data is supposed to be personal, yet, and at the same time, several people are always on a hunt for it. Every government wants it in the name of national security, companies seek to access it for advertising, and the worst are cybercriminals, who are probably after your data for financial gains. Personal data can be monetized one way or another, by any of the entities listed above.

To combat such hazards, secret messaging apps are on the rise, promising to keep your privacy intact by offering security services. With end-to-end encryption in place, the service provider doesn’t keep copies of the messages on their servers. This way, the governments, and hackers are kept away from reading your personal messages.

DigitalBank Vault is a Bank Vault for Digital Assets: an ultra-secure encryption technology that enables 100% privacy over communication:

protects sensitive and confidential information with top-grade end-to-end encryption on an impenetrable platform that includes video, voice, and text messages, and secure encrypted & decentralized file transfers and storage systems

What is the difference between the DigitalBank Vault and other "secure communication" devices?

The DigitalBank Vault System does not store permanently and has no way to store encryption keys or any other form of memory. No useful information can be ever retrieved, no matter what forensic tools are used. What can be extracted is fragmented, randomly encrypted useless data.

No Video, Voice & Text Messages can be ever intercepted, read, listened to or recorded, because the communication system is end to end encrypted with a one time key, and 100% Peer to Peer, without any third-party server's involvement.

DigitalBank Vault Chat allows you to share any file extensions in an unbreakable encrypted form, to guarantee an absolutely private P2P communication.

We developed our own end-to-end encryption technology and this is what makes the stealing of information from the DigitalBank Vault virtually impossible and guarantees the privacy of your communication.

The device creates an encrypted private network between the sender and recipient; for free secret text chat/SMS, private encrypted voice and video messages, secure file, and data transfers.

All data and metadata is encrypted on the device and is not stored on any servers, anywhere. Nothing can be ever extracted from the device used.


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