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An0m Cracked! An0m cryptophone app hacked. How An0m has been cracked? The FBI An0m Sting

Updated: Jul 5

The FBI-controlled An0m app, this is for sure.

For nearly three years, law enforcement officials have been sitting in the back pocket of some of the world’s top alleged crime figures. Custom cellphones, bought on the black market and installed with the FBI-controlled platform, called AN0M, circulated and grew in popularity among criminals as high-profile crime identities vouched for their integrity.

The users believed their AN0M devices were secured by encryption. Rather, they were feeding criminal intelligence directly to law enforcement agents.

AFP provided the technical staff for Operation Ironside, which started three years ago after a similar take-down of encrypted communications provider Phantom Secure, federal police said.

The FBI gained access to the AN0M app in 2018 and started running it clandestinely, installed on Google Android devices that criminals sold to each other.




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