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Anti Government Interception Technology: Encrypted Communication that NO Governments can Decipher.

Being "Anti Government" means also being anti "Mass Surveillance" . We do not sell anti surveillance systems to criminals or terrorists, but we do sell advanced encryption devices to human rights activists, journalists and reporters, political opposition leaders and dissidents of totalitarian Governments that are suppressing the basic civil rights of their own population.

There are cyber attack weapons developers, that are selling their digital surveillance tech to " only and exclusively to governments" , they just forgot to check if this Government has been legally elected and how they handle 'troublemakers' in their country. So many "legitimate" Governments out there are murdering journalists and opposition leaders. Just make them "disappear".

There are so many Governments that are using sophisticated spyware like the NSO Group Pegasus, for intercepting communications and extracting entire databases of smartphones and PCs of their opponents.

If this is called a legal business, selling deadly cyber weapons to dangerous leaders, we openly say that we sell anti spyware solutions to the victims of those leaders.

Yes, there is a way to fight back and regain your total privacy and secrecy, that will safeguard you from a potential death or incarceration.

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