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Anti Spy Phones. Anti Interception Tech. Anti Surveillance Cellphones. How to "GO DARK" ?

Imagine this scenario: being able to speak with anyone on earth, in a way that is safer than a face to face meeting! Can you imagine a safer way of communication? Yes, it may seem almost science fiction, but this is exactly what solution .

Going Dark is not easy today. Disappearing from the cellular network , is feasible if the right precautions are taken. Exact know-how and advanced encryption technologies, both hardware and software solutions are needed.

DigitalBank Vault Limited provides those services to legit individuals and companies that seek maximum secrecy over the top classified communications , confidential file sharing or database storage.

Your most guarded secrets can remain secret only if your encrypt them in the most unbreakable way. There are dozens of encryption services, end to end encrypted messengers, encryption apps and more. Beware of fake security providers.

If you think that by using Telegram or Signal your communications are 'secured' , you are totally wrong. This is a very dangerous assumption.

Remember one basic rule : never, ever use third party 'encrypted' services that all end to end encrypted communications are running on their servers.

This is called a " cyber security illusion " , you are under the illusion that you are safe, while actually you are completely exposed to interception, hacking, surveillance and more.

Why should you trust their servers? How do you know that they will not grant access to whoever pays them more? Or present them with a court order?

How can you trust that they are not able to decipher those "end to end' encrypted messages and communications? After all they are the ones that supplied you with the encryption keys .

They not only generated for you the encryption keys but also manage them for you. This is totally insane!

Need absolute secrecy? Consult with us at . Before you will do a mistake and expose your secrets , let's speak and we will teach you exactly how to Go Dark.

The Highest Level of Cyber Defense for secret critical data

“ If you need to communicate top classified information or you need to store data and be absolutely sure that no state-sponsored hackers, no foreign governments, no intelligence agencies will be ever able to decipher the files, you will need the DBV system”

This is an "Above Government" level of encryption.

"Own the Most Powerful Encryption Platform in the World"

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