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Best Encrypted Cellular Phones and why you don't need them

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

What are the best Encrypted Cellular Phones available on the market?

Do you really need them? What alternatives do you have available?

The real question is one: what do you need them for? Want to be sure that your spouse will never know that you have a love affair? If the privacy you need is very ‘basic’, you do not really need an encrypted phone. “Burner smartphones” are totally okay: an additional cell phone with an anonymous SIM, will do the same job for you, just remember to lock the phone with a password, Remember not to buy it under your name, or use your credit card. LOL. You just need to install Telegram or Signal and always erase all the daily messaging, try to keep it always offline on flight mode and open it for use, only at the same moment you need to communicate with your secret ‘lover’.

In case, your privacy needs are much higher, than just ‘concealing’ your betrayal, in cases where “restricted” information needs to be shared, or when really sensitive data is exchanged, and where top classified files need to be stored and transferred, in those cases, the best encrypted cellular phone will not help you, because the easily are hackable.

All best encrypted cellular phones are connected to the internet and use the cellular network for doing so, this fact means that no matter what type of encrypted smartphone you have, you are completely exposed to hacking.

Installing potent spyware on your encrypted phone is possible and the malware will reside within the OS of your encrypted phone so that even if you do reboot the device or reset it to ‘ factory standards’ the spyware will get installed again, with the operating system and the only solution will be to get rid of the encrypted cell phone.

The best encrypted cellular phones in the World will not secure your secrets, make no mistakes about it.

Most of them are creating for you the encryption keys, managing for you the encryption keys generated by them so that you are totally trusting some third parties, to secure your confidential data, and sincerely speaking, this is a huge mistake.

The first rule in cyber defense is never, ever, trust anyone.

In addition, the servers of these encrypted cell phone suppliers can be hacked, encryption keys can be obtained and all your saved data can be accessed in its decrypted form.

Look also at cases such as Phantom Secure, Encrochat, and Sky ECC, all of those ‘best encrypted cellular phones’ have been cracked and by quite easy means.

If you really need top-level secrecy, please don’t get baffled by false advertisements of ‘ most secure encrypted phones’, because there aren't any out there. Period.

Okay, so what are the options? One single option only, and it is the one used by the leading intelligence agencies worldwide: offline, serverless communication systems.

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Looking for an Offline, Serverless form of communication and file transfer? The DigitalBank Vault Super Encryption system is working offline, without any connection to servers, it is a “keyless” form of encryption, and encryption keys generated by the user are not stored anywhere. The DBV SuperEncryption system is “above Government level”, which means that there are no foreign governments or intelligence agencies able to decipher the DBV encrypted files.




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