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Encrypted Phones Immune to Cyber Espionage,Hacking, Interception, Ransomware, Surveillance, Tapping

Updated: Nov 7

How to trust commercial encrypted phones after all the recent hacking cases of Blackberry, Encrochat and Sky ECC? The truth is that you do not have to.

The fact that a cheap android phone is running a restricted version of android and has some encrypted apps running on it, doesn’t mean that you can trust such a device, without really knowing what is the factory that produced them, where are the servers of this third party providers, who is running them, who is creating the encryption keys? Where are there stored? Who has access to the servers? You need to understand that all your 'encrypted communications " are passing through this third party providers.

On top of all the above mentioned issues, the most important security failure is that encrypted phones are using the cellular network, and this fact alone makes them 100% hackable. They will sell you the illusion that you are untraceable because they provide you with an anonymous Sim Card, this is pure BS. It is a false assumption that by using anonymous emails, you are actually anonymous.

The answer to all the above mentioned fatal security issues is one: start using Encryption Devices and not Encrypted Phones. The real pros in the intelligence field are using only and exclusively SuperEncryption Systems that work offline, without any server connectivity, that does not store any encryption keys.

This is what we do at DigitalBank Vault : creating SuperEncrypted Personal, Dedicated, Unique Communication Networks and Individual SuperEncryption Systems, for every client. Each client has his own encryption system, with his customized set of encryption algorithms . No two systems sold are alike.

So that each client can run and control his own private communication network and be in contact with his inner circle of people he needs to communicate with .

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