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Encrypted Phones: make sure your business remains your business, and only yours. Privacy is Luxury

Individuals and companies seeking top level cyber security over their classified communications needs to pay attention to the current hacking scene affecting the encrypted phones market.

Well known providers like Encrochat and Sky ECC has been taken down by the authorities because they sold encrypted phones to the organized crime.

They not only closed their servers, but also 'hacked' all end to end encrypted conversations and messages. This means that the actual encryption was 'broken' and that encrypted content has been deciphered. This is not what you expect when you are actually looking for 'encrypted phones for sale'.

Please do not think, that we are trying here to help thousands of criminals that are now left without any 'secret' communication mean. Both Encrochat and Sky ECC, has been used by more than 70,000 subscribers each! And you can just imagine that not all of them were criminals.

This means that a lot of legit businesses and individuals, used their services. We are now speaking to those clients! Please understand that normal 'encrypted phones' offered online are not secure, for the exact same reasons mentioned above. The devices and respective servers, can hacked, intercepted, and their servers can be put under surveillance and tapping.

You need to start using encryption devices and not encrypted phones. Encryption devices are much more secure because they work complete offline and with no servers involved, so that they are actually immune to online hacking ( because of it is working without Internet connection), and the absence of servers makes the tracing and interception near to impossible. Take this into serious consideration.

In addition, as explained in other articles we published, you never, ever need to depend of third party providers of encryption services. Why do you think that it is advisable to trust a third party for generating your encryption keys and even manage them for you? The encrypted phone providers are indeed the real owners of your encryption like giving the keys to your most guarded secrets to total strangers.

Go Dark. Use Anywhere. Leave No Trace

We invite you to visit the above mentioned links and learn everything about Encryption Devices and SuperEncryption Machines.

We are here to help companies and individuals to protect themselves from hacking , unlawful interception, digital surveillance, commercial espionage.

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