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Evidence suggests Encrochat worked with the NSA and other authorities

Updated: Jan 3

DigitalBank Vault® provides sophisticated Digital Anti Surveillance technologies: military-grade encryption systems for ultra-secure

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Already Years ago it became known that Encrochat opened its servers to the authorities. They just made huge amounts of money in those years, from their criminal subscribers, while granting full access to the law forces.

They played on both sides, big time.

That is the reason we always say: DO NOT TRUST ANY ENCRYPTED DEVICE, SERVICES OR APPS. They are all, without exeptions with a wide-open backdoor.

There is an interesting article about this case, from 2016!

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The Encrochat phone was totally not secure, from the very beginning. Remember one thing: as long as your device is using the cellular network, you are completely exposed. Encrochat used cellular communications.

Make no mistakes about it, as long as you buy a subscription to a secure communication service and this service is provided through a server, you are totally exposed. Encrochat used servers as you know, those have been hacked!

Remember this: who is creating your encryption keys? Encrochat did!

This is the real issue: why you have to trust a third party in order to create your encryption keys? They can give it to whoever they want, their workers can access the encryption keys whenever they want...this is not a safe way to handle your confidential communications.

Take into consideration that whoever creates your encryption keys, they are also managing your keys. This is what Encrochat did. Their customers just blindly trusted them for creating their encryption keys and managing them!

Totally unbelievable. And by the way, did you know that the entire “encrypted” information on Encrochat phones, was easy to extract with different extremely simple forensic software solutions.

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The DigitalBank Encryption Systems are working totally offline, without servers, the user is creating the encryption keys, we as a company don’t have any connections to the encryption systems. We do not hold any encryption keys, and encryption keys are never stored on our devices.

You cannot retrieve any type of data or information from the DigitalBank Vault Encryption Devices, no matter what digital forensic tools you will use.

Encrochat was based on a totally unsecured technology. They sold a lot of devices because the buyers received guarantees about the confidentiality of the phone and promised false security.


With the DigitalBank Vault Encryption System, you can now transform any Android Device into a Government Grade Encryption Platform. 

The best advice is to buy a fresh new Android smartphone, without inserting any Sim card, just connect it to the net, download the DigitalBank Vault Encryption System, and one more email app such as Protonmail, and you are set to go. 

This dedicated Android device should remain always offline, and you connected it to the internet only and exclusively for importing or exporting already encrypted files. 

All the encryption and decryption process must happen offline. 

The moment the files are encrypted, you can then get connected and send the encrypted file through Protonmail or other apps we will recommend you. 

If properly used, you have in your hands a powerful encryption platform that is at the same level as the top classified encryption systems used by Governments and Armies. 



Privacy is Priceless

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