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How The DigitalBank Vault Encryption System Works?

The DigitalBank Vault ®

One Time Pad Encryption Tech

Encrypt in an unbreakable way:

Text Messages and Emails

Voice Messages

Audio Messages

Video Messages


All Types of Documents and Files Extensions

​Customized Set of Encryption Algorithms

for each individual client

You can then share the encrypted content on all platforms you are currently using for your online communications such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, SMS, and more.

You can store securely your One Time Pad encrypted data and files on any cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Amazon, Dropbox, iCloud, and else.

You can store the ultra-encrypted files on your devices computers, servers.

The DigitalBank Encryption Technology is working on any platform, any device or system, and supporting all languages.

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