• Adam Adler

How to Block Smartphone Interception, Tapping & Surveillance

Adam Adler (Miami, FL): Untraceable Anonymous Encrypted Voice and Video Messaging? Undecipherable Text Messaging Chat? Ultra Confidential Emails 100% Secure File Transfer and Storage? Share the quantum-safe encrypted content on all platforms you are currently using for your online communications such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, SMS, and more. Store Securely your One Time Pad encrypted data and files on any cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Amazon, Dropbox, iCloud, and else. Store the ultra-encrypted files on your devices, computers, servers.

Empty data storage systems without encryption keys or backdoors are the ultimate solution to stop forever hacking attacks, ransomware, data breaches, and eavesdropping. The DigitalBank Encryption Technology is working on any platform, any device or system, and supporting all languages.

DigitalBank Vault provides Ultra Privacy Solutions based on sophisticated Anti Surveillance Technologies: Anti Interception Encryption Systems for ultra-secure anonymous communication (voice, video & text messaging) with untraceable file transfers & storage solutions.

DigitalBank Vault is presenting a disruptive approach to the cyber defense of the Fintech, Healthcare, Energy, and additional industries that need maximum security for their data.


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