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How to Bypass Digital Forensic Data Extraction tools like Cellebrite, Tarantula, GrayKey, XRY .....

Updated: Jul 5

Let’s assume that you lost your smartphone, or it has been stolen or seized. Take into consideration that whatever you ever have done on that cellphone, can be retrieved. All your activities are registered on your device and even if you erased them, they can be restored.

We have been asked to design communication systems that can withstand any type of forensic analysis. A lot of CEOs, VIPs, and businessmen are traveling to China, Russia, and other countries, where authorities may try to physically retrieve the entire information from your mobile phones for intelligence purposes.

In addition, your smartphones can be targeted, locally, by business competitors, political rivals, and many other parties that are seeking to collect confidential information from you.

How to Bypass Digital Forensic Data Extraction tools like Cellebrite, Tarantula, Oxygen Forensics, Graykey, XRY, Magnet AXIOM?

How can you “trick’ powerful data extraction tools such as “Cellebrite’ from collecting, reviewing, analyzing, and extracting digital data?

Make no mistakes about it, blocking your smartphone access with face recognition or passcode, is not a solution.

Let’s say it clearly, your current smartphones are ‘wide open’ to forensic analysis. Basically, every data can be retrieved, including the erased one, all your logs, calls, text messaging…. Everything.

BUT, there is one limit: encrypted files that are stored on the device, that has been encrypted externally( not on the device itself), cannot be read, and data that cannot be read, is useless to cybercriminals.

They will succeed in extracting the encrypted data of course, but if the data is properly encrypted, they will not be able to decipher it.

The solution is simple: you encrypt information, outside the smartphone in use, then transfer the already encrypted data to your phone, and either store it for later use, or share it online with the people you are in contact with.

The moment all the sensitive data residing on your device is encrypted, the forensic tools will be able to grab only the irrelevant info, while the classified one remains locked for them.

The DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption ( ) is an offline, serverless system, where encryption keys are generated by the user, for a few milliseconds, when needed, then disappear, keys are never stored anywhere, at any given time. This is what we call a “Keyless Encryption” system. The DBV system is based on multiple encryptions, which means each file is encrypted a few times, and each time by using different encryption keys and different algorithms.

The system is installed on devices that are kept always offline, where all encryption and decryption procedures are executed.

The moment you transfer an encrypted file from the DBV encryption device to your smartphone, there is no way for anybody to decipher the file, not even the most advanced intelligence agencies. One of the encryption layers is based on OTP (One Time Pad) encryption, which according to the best experts is regarded as ‘unbreakable’, and no matter what computational power you will apply, you will not be able to ‘break’ it.

No matter how advanced and sophisticated digital forensic technology, your encrypted files will never be deciphered.

The question that may arise is one: ‘ let’s assume that they put their hands also on the “encryption device” where actually all the encryption process has been executed’. You ask yourself “ they will apply digital forensic analysis on that offline device and succeed to extract encryption keys, original not encrypted data used, text typed while encrypting… and more.

The DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption devices are running their own custom OS, that is not compatible with digital forensic tools available on the markets so that extraction is not always possible. But the real security is not based on the different OS.

The secret is one: after you complete your encryption/decryption session, all data on the device is erased, overwritten with junk data, and randomly encrypted, so that whatever remains on the encryption device is fragmented junk data that is encrypted anyway…. This ‘erasure’ process is run 10 consecutive times and covers all the device memory. Then at the end of this ‘deleting’ process, the OS is resetting itself, to the original ‘factory standards’ and the next time you switch it on, you have the device ready to be used ‘ as new’ with the DigitalBank SuperEncryption system installed on it”.

If you are brave enough, and willing to take some minor security risks, you can connect the DBV encryption device to the internet and make VoIP calls, encrypted files transfers, and text messaging by using DBV customized apps, with parties you need to communicate with, and that has the same DBV encryption device. No information will remain stored on the encryption device.

Digital Forensic Analysis on those devices is like ‘Breaking Into an Empty Bank Vault”.

Important Notice: we are selling our tech solutions only to reputable companies, institution, organizations, that are first passing a due diligence KYC process, done by our legal advisors.

Advanced digital forensic tools are now sold to anyone ,not only to the authorities, by different companies that trade with “second hand” hardware solutions once proposed by the leading forensic intelligence companies. You can even find such offers on Ebay.

We strongly believe that a lot of commercial and political espionage players ( not connected to the law enforcement ) are using such tools for pure spying purposes. And the truth is that also doggy governments have no problems in using such tools against the local opposition, freedom fighters, journalists, human rights organizations, political activists and more.

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