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How to Use Twitter as a Secret Communication System?

Updated: Jul 5

Modern Communication in the Espionage field is all about misdirection and camouflage.

The era of using sophisticated communication devices for sending strictly confidential information is over.

Face to Face meetings in dark places is also over.

Why is it over? Because everything and everyone is under surveillance.

So how can you send a secret message to a third party without creating any suspicious communication move?

Imagine this: you need to send a top classified text message to Bill, but want to make sure that only Bill will be able to decrypt it and make sure that no one in the middle will be able to crack it and make sure that nobody in this World will have any idea about the fact that you sent to Bill some form of communication.

The DigitalBank Vault Solution works like that: While Offline is Super Encrypting your text message, embedding the encrypted file into an innocent image ( nice puppies for example), you then post this cute image on Twitter, Bill gets a notification that you published a new post, download the image, decrypt it with his DBV system and that's it. You can then just remove that "post' permanently.

Nobody picked up any kind of strange communication between two parties, no direct communication executed, no encryption keys ever exchanged, or stored anywhere. Encryption and Decryption process done 100% offline and then erased without leaving any trace.

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