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CEOs, VIPS, Celebs, and many other people are in the need to secure their private communications and file sharing. The question is how to do it in the most professional way. If you give a look to the market of encrypted phones you will see a lot of companies, selling , more or less, the same exact solutions.

On the other end, there are also a few encrypted phone providers like Encrochat and Sky ECC, that has been hacked by the authorities because they provided encrypted phones to criminals.

If you sum up the easiness of hacking encrypted phones and the fact that all providers are actually selling the same crippled phone under different names, while stating that this is the most secure encrypted phone on sale, you will understand that there is some confusion in the market about what really is the ultimate solution for achieving absolute secrecy over your communications and data transfer.

The real truth is one: you need to use Encryption devices and not encrypted phones. Why? Because encryption devices are not working on the cellular network and they are not connected to the internet so that theoretically they are immune to online hacking.

Encryption devices or what the intelligence agencies call " encryption machines " are ultra sophisticated encryption systems that encrypt your data in an unbreakable way, and this is exactly what you need if you want to defend your most guarded secrets.

The main issue till now was that those military grade encryption systems were not available for the public and sold only to armies and intelligence agencies worldwide. Usually those are advanced systems that costs from $ 100K to $ 500K on average.

Now , we at DigitalBank Vault made an ultra secure version for the private market. Our SuperEncryption system is 'above military or government level'. This means that no foreign governments or any hacking teams sponsored by them can ever decipher your data.

There are a lot of other differences between commercial encrypted phones and military grade encryption devices , for example the encryption keys are generated by the user only and never stored or exchanged with any other device. Another difference is that each encryption machine is running a different set of encryption algorithms, unique to that machine, so that you can actually create an internal secret network of communications between a group of similar devices and no other device outside this ring, can communicate with this closed network.

Immune to: Interception Cyber Espionage Remote Hacking Spyware Infection Malware Infection Forensic Data Extraction Ransomware attacks Electronic Surveillance

The Encrygma device does not store any data, after each communication session, everything is permanently erased, overwritten, and randomly encrypted in 10 consecutive cycles.

In case the device is stolen, seized, lost, confiscated, no data is retrievable, it is like "breaking into an empty bank vault".

Encrygma is for Companies and Individuals that needs absolute secrecy over their data exchange . The offline , serverless communications of critical and top classified data are unbreakable, untraceable, leaving no digital trace, anywhere, at any given time.

Try for 30 days ( free of charge) the DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption System . Transform any Android device or Windows Laptop into an Unbreakable Encryption Machine

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