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New Cyber Defense Standard of Encrygma , for Ultra Secure Mobile Communications Devices & Phones

Ultra Secure Phones are usually the ones that are on sale as 'encrypted phones' . The main issue is that those commercial versions of encrypted phones, is that, you cannot really call them 'ultra secure phones" at all.

Look at the multiple hacking cases related to very known encrypted phones like Encrochat, Sky ECC, BlackBerry, just to name a few.

So what is the new standard for 'ultra secure phones' ?. First of all to be 100% immune to interception. So that the first rule of ultra secure encrypted phones is not to be connected in any way, to the cellular network. Anonymous SIM cards are not a solution. The ultra secure phone cannot work on cellular networks because otherwise it will stop to be classified as an ultra secure device.

Another new standard that is very crucial for ultra secure phones , immunity to data hacking. It may seem something not feasible because as you know there are no systems our there that are 'unhackable' , but what we really mean with this, is that an ultra secure phone must at least not store encryption keys used for securing the communications and data storage. Immune to data hacking means that in case of hacking, most of the data will not be readable ( because encrypted) and the related encryption keys will not be available, not on the device and not on any server that can be reached through the encrypted phone.

Another point to take into consideration is that the encryption keys generation must not be governed by any third parties providers, or servers. The keys must be generated and controlled by the user only, in order to be sure that nobody besides him may be able to decipher the encrypted data.

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