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#OwnYourData: Learn how to regain total privacy over your personal data

The only real way to regain control of your data is by encrypting every file you store on your phone, laptop and clouds.

#OwnYourData means really being able to totally control you data in a way that no one besides you and the people you want to share the data with, will be able to read the data.

Encrypting means to own your encryption keys and manage them by yourself. If a third party is generating for you the keys and even store them for you, you are doomed. It’s like giving the keys to your secrets to someone you don’t even know.

That‘s the reason we suggest “ self encrypting “ your data, it means using an encryption system that is managed solely by you and not dependent on a third party server on some online encryption services. You need to be the King of your own Domain . This is what we call “ owning your data”.

This is what we do at DigitalBank Vault, giving you all the tools for owning your secrets.

We invite you to try for free our SuperEncryption system. All download links can be found in the links here below. Free Trial. SuperEncrypted Systems

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