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Russian Great Hack 2020 Targeting Biden and Michelle Obama

Kremlin-directed hackers infiltrated Democratic email servers to interfere with the 2016 American election. Emboldened by their past success, new evidence indicates that they are trying again.

Main target this time are Biden and the his potential VP Michelle Obama.

Lawmakers Are Warned That Russia Is Meddling to Re-elect Trump

American intelligence agencies concluded that Russia, on the orders of President Vladimir V. Putin, interfered in the 2016 presidential election, this time their involvement will be much larger.

The Russians have been preparing aggressive hacking plans for the upcoming 2020 Elections , undeterred by American efforts to thwart them but aware that they needed a new playbook of as-yet-undetectable methods, United States officials said.

Russian Hacking Teams will concentrate primarily on leaking confidential information obtained by breaking into Mr. Biden and Mrs. Obama smartphones, email accounts , personal servers, PCs and Laptops.

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