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Secure Communications Rules of Engagement. Rule # 1: Who Owns the Encryption Keys?

Updated: Jul 5

It is very naive to think that you can trust third-party providers, for securing your most secret communications. Usually, companies trust secure encrypted phones offered by a long list of suppliers. Those suppliers will provide you with their own hardware and their own encryption software. You do not have to trust their hardware, because you can never know if they planted spyware or transmitter, within the device supplied.

In addition, even if they, directly, did not install within the hardware any spying tools, there is a very good chance that their Chinese manufacturers did.

You then have to trust them for the secure OS and their encryption platform. All those so-called " secure communication devices" are creating for you the encryption keys used for encrypting your data and they "manage'" those keys for you, so that you can then use them, over time. Rule of Engagement # 1 in ComSec is not trusting anyone to create and manage your encryption keys.

Look at Blackberry, Encrochat, SKY ECC, all secure encrypted cellphones that have been hacked.




SuperEncrypted Communications

Remember that the Rules of Engagement in Secure Communications are always based on what is called Zero Trust Standards, if you want to learn more about it, please visit :

Never, ever trust anyone out there, no matter how many 'excellent reviews and referrals " they may have. Trust only yourself when handling encryption keys, and this means generating them by yourself and managing them by yourself.

You cannot expect a third party to secure your most classified data because you will be always under their control, do you really want to depend your entire life on other's services? What happens if they go out of business? What happens if they get hacked? What happens if they get into legal troubles like Encrochat and Sky ECC and get shut down by the authorities?

More information? Visit our website at or email us at . We will be happy to assist you in achieving total secrecy over your communications.

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