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Sky ECC cracked: full technical information

Updated: Jul 5

Sky ECC cracked? This is not a surprise at all. Whoever has been surprised doesn’t understand a thing about secured communication systems.

First of all, make no mistakes about it, whatever is connected to the internet, can be hacked. There are no online systems that are safe.

Your smartphone is connected to the cellular network? Even worse!

One thing is to be connected to the internet, but if you are connecting to the internet through a cellular network, you are completely exposed.

Sky ECC encryption has been cracked and there are several reasons for this, first of all, Sky ECC is creating and managing the encryption keys for the users. This is a major security issue because you need to trust this party provider that they are indeed experts in encryption and are using the most advanced encryption technologies available.

The second important fact is that the user’s encrypted files are passing through the Sky ECC servers. This is a major issue because their servers can be hacked and then all messages of Sky ECC can be cracked.

Sky ECC has been cracked we believe on the hardware level. It means that the authorities planted spyware within the Sky ECC devices. Maybe it was through an update sent from the Sky ECC servers, or through messages sent to the user’s device.

In this third scenario, it is clear that messages have been ‘hacked’ even before being sent out or encrypted, directly from the Sky ECC device.

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Europol launched “major interventions” against organized crime on March 2021, which it said were made possible by monitoring the encrypted messages of around 70,000 users of the Sky ECC service since mid-February.

“By successfully unlocking the encryption of Sky ECC, the information acquired will provide insights into criminal activities in the various E.U. Member States and beyond, and will assist in expanding investigations and solving serious and cross-border organized crime for the coming months, possibly years,” Europol said in its announcement.

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