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Sky ECC vs. Signal

Updated: Jul 5

Sky ECC vs Signal? Both options are extremely unsafe. Sky ECC anyway is out of business because they facilitated the communications of criminals. We are more than sure that Signal is used too by criminals and maybe even terrorists.

Signal technology is quite okay, but make no mistakes about it, if you really think that you are not exposed while using Signal, it means that you do not understand what it means secure communications.

Signal is an online communication app, and whatever is online, can be hacked. In case your smartphone is compromised by a spyware, whatever you send on Signal, can be picked up by the spyware.

Spyware that resides within your smartphone is collecting all information typed, so who cares that the sent message on Signal is end to end encrypted? The hackers already read it before you sent it out. And if you got a message on Signal, it is the same story, they can actually see in real time what you are are seeing on your screen.

Sky ECC vs Signal , it is a comparison that should not be made, both of them use servers, both of them control your encryption keys and even manage them for you. Come on….do not be so naive!

You are giving your most guarded secrets to total strangers. Never trust anyone, anytime, anywhere. Those are the first rules of a correct cyber defense strategy.

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