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The Anti Surveillance Movement 2021: The Privacy Revolution.

People are realizing that we are living in an era in which our privacy is practically dead . We are under strict surveillance, at any given moment.

No matter what precautions you may take, it won’t work. You will not be able to completely regain your full privacy. This of course, doesn’t mean that the game is over, there is still a lot of actions to be taken against the Privacy Takers.

The war for regaining our natural right for total privacy is just starting. It will be a step by step process, that if implemented successfully by the masses , will create a new reality, where Privacy Takers, will be "denied from retrieving ' valuable information about us.

First step in this Privacy War is the 'obfuscation' of all our data, that can be reached by the 'enemy' . Remember one important fact " data that cannot be read is useless to cybercriminals " .

Imagine this : all your personal data such as videos, images, documents, emails, text messages, audio messages... everything is becoming totally unreadable to any person, besides you. When you look at the your personal data , you can watch it in its original version, just you, but it always stays in its encrypted form , and no third parties can ever decipher it .... and the Privacy Takers will never, ever, be able to access, the original data . No matter where or when ,they will try to extract your personal data, they will never be able to read it, watch it, listen to it .... no matter if it is stored in the cloud, on your PC, on our smartphone. No matter if it sent by email, or by any messaging app or uploaded to the social media.

This is the very beginning of a revolution in your right to Full Privacy.

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