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The Apple Hacking Charger

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Warning to all Mac users : Apple ”hacking “ chargers for MacBooks are now available on the dark web market .

How it works ? Simply by switching your original charger (whenever is possible) with this identical “hacking” charger , that when connected for charging , is also copying your entire Mac memory disk , zip it and transmit it to the hacking servers .

In addition, take into consideration that whatever you do on your Mac , on real time, can be transmitted out via Internet, on a continuous basis.

What happens if you work offline?

The Hacking Chager will copy all information, encrypt it, compress it and save on the charger itself . Then the moment you get online , all the encrypted stolen data will be immediately transferred to the hackers servers.

The Apple hacking charger is on sale for $ 18,000 USD a piece.

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