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The Dangerous Illusion of Encrypted Phones & Encrypted Communication Apps

Updated: Jul 5

You are for sure one, of so many people, that has been misinformed by providers of ‘secure encrypted smartphones’, into thinking that by using those devices, your voice conversations and text messaging are completely 'concealed’ from spying eyes and ears.

The truth is exactly the opposite, your ‘encrypted device’ is totally exposed to digital surveillance. The interesting fact is that there is a good chance, you even bought it with a built-in backdoor that has been requested to be open to the authorities or intelligence agencies. All sorts of ‘encrypted communication systems’ including Android and iPhone apps, maybe already integrated with a backdoor that allows the providers to access the entire content of your confidential communications.

Now, let’s say that this ‘conspiracy theory of backdoored encrypted phones and encrypted messenger apps, is not true….make no mistakes about it, anyway, in any case, your classified communications remain totally exposed because your hardware is compromised.

If you install an ‘end to end encrypted communication app like Telegram or Signal, and your smartphone is already infected by some spyware, either dormant or active, all your encrypted communications are useless, because your messages are read directly from your phone, before being sent out.

You can use ‘end to end' encryption as much as you want but bear in mind that your communications are ‘hacked’ in their original form( not encrypted) before their encryption or right after their decryption.

The spyware installed on your phones can record all your voice conversations so that it really doesn’t matter the fact that they are encrypted in transit.

Believing that your phone is clean from any malware or spyware, is so naive! Don’t be a fool, all smartphones are under some kind of electronic surveillance. In this case, no matter how secure is the communication app you are using, the “enemy within” ( the spyware) will retrieve all the information exchanged on your device.

This is actually one of the main reasons why careful people, who are paranoid about their privacy, are buying those “secure encrypted phones” because they are sure that their regular smartphones are compromised so that they buy an additional smartphone that is sold as ‘ the most secure communication device’ available.

They are misled to think that those encrypted phones are really secure, and this is a dangerous illusion. Read online about Blackberry hacking, Encrochat hacking, and Sky ECC hacking …. Those are all hacking cases related to the best-encrypted phones on the markets!




SuperEncrypted Communications

If this above is not enough for you as proof that whoever is selling you an encrypted cell phone is just engaging in false advertising, maybe you deserve to get hacked. Some idiots must learn the hard way.

If there is one lesson to learn from the fiasco of supposedly secure and encrypted phones, it is that communicating securely is still very much a challenge today for companies.

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