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The DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption System: Important Facts

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

FACT: Important to explain that this is a system that cannot be deciphered by any state-sponsored hacking teams, foreign governments, including advanced organizations like NSA, CIA, Interpol, or any Intelligence agency. This is an "above government" level of encryption. You can verify by yourself and test it, let me know when ready, our engineers will create a unique trial version for you. You can also distribute the trial versions to your clients, of course.

We tested the encryption strength with various government-level agencies, on the zoom call I will explain. This system needs to be delivered only to reputable companies, organizations, and institutions, to prevent it from reaching users that may use it for criminal or terror activities. KYC is needed before selling systems to the final users.

There are two options:

1) Software and Hardware combined solution (Enigma 2021 Encryption Machine)

2) Software-only solution to be installed by the user on dedicated Windows and/or Android devices that must be kept always offline. We supply the user with all the information needed to transform their additional offline devices, into a powerful SuperEncryption platform.

Remember this: ZERO TRUST is the only solution.

No encryption system that is working on an online connected device, is safe. You must assume that all your connected devices are already compromised.

No Encryption system that relies on third-party servicing ( like server/cloud-based encryption) is safe.

No Encryption system in which encryption keys are generated by third parties is safe.

No Encryption system that is "universal "( same system for all users) is safe.

The DigitalBank SuperEncryption System is :

1) Serverless and Offline: We are not a third party and have no servers connected to the system. The System works offline, on fully air-gapped devices, autonomously. Offline Air-Gapped: Separating your confidential files from the outside world. The DBV encryption system works 100% offline, without any internet connection and any connection to servers. A compromised-free environment from any potential cyber risks.

2) Keyless: Encryption keys are of course generated, by the user with the help of his passphrase, on the spot, for a few milliseconds, when needed, but are never stored on the device used, not within the system and of course in any other place like servers, etc. Keyless Encryption - no encryption keys ever transmitted with communicating parties.

3) Personal: we provide each client with a personal, unique, dedicated version of the DBV system so that no two clients have the same system (in case they use the same passphrases, they will generate different encryption keys). This feature is further securing that already encrypted files of a user cannot be opened by simply buying a system from us and guessing passphrases. Each User receives a dedicated set of encryption algorithms. This Unique Version of the Encryption system can be then distributed by the user to his network of contacts (in the form of applications) for enabling ultra-secure communications between managers, partners, workers, clients. You will receive a large package of downloads of your unique encryption system so that you can distribute it to your contacts and be able to exchange encrypted files with them.

4) SuperEncryption: Multiple/Cascade Encryption means that each file is encrypted in 3 stages, each time with different keys and different encryption algorithms: One Time Pad Encryption (OTP), AES 256, BlowFish 448.

5) Anonymous: there is no username or password needed, no registration on any platform, to start using the system.

6) Multisignature: two or more users can encrypt one single file, with their own passphrase. The file encrypted can be decrypted only if all participants enter their own secret phrase. An unlimited number of signatories can encrypt one single file, or for decrypting the file

7) Data Storage of Secure Communications: the DBV system can be used for securely storing Superencrypted files on the cloud, servers, PCs, online and offline devices. The files encrypted can be also securely transferred by any online form of communication ( email services, social media platforms, Signal, Whatsapp, Telegram...)

8) No Integration with your current cybersecurity systems is needed. An additional layer of security. Complimentary Cyber Defense. We are not asking anyone to change their cybersecurity providers or their currently used encryption system. We are just adding more security to the cyber technologies already in use.

9) Multi-Language, the DBV encryption system works in all languages.

10) The Uncrackable Encrypted files can be securely shared online by any communication means already in use, such as Gmail, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Signal, LinkedIn, SMS, and more…




SuperEncrypted Communications

Immune to Online Hacking: The DBV System has been developed for clients that need absolute security. We ask them to buy a dedicated Android or Windows device, that will be kept always offline, where the DBV system is installed, and where all encryption/decryption sessions will be executed. Only the SuperEncrypted files will reach the online device for subsequent cloud file storage or online transmission of the encrypted files.

Immune to Offline Hacking by Physical access to the device used. For this scenario of physical hacking of the encryption device, we have different hardware-based solutions like the Enigma 2021 Encryption Machine.



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