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The Encrygma SuperEncryption is a Cyber Weapon Against State Sponsored Hackers and Data Breachers

It is a well know fact that powerful encryption becomes a cyber weapon if it falls in the wrong hands.

Unbreakable encryption may be used by criminals or terrorists, allowing them to communicate secretly without the authorities being able to decipher the content of the communications.

Encrypted files may be intercepted, but authorities will never be able to crack the encryption, of course, in case the encryption is extremely sophisticated.

Criminals usually think that they cannot be caught if they use an encrypted phone, this is not correct , look at cases such as BlackBerry , Encrochat and Sky ECC. Or even take the latest FBI sting with the fake encrypted phone An0m that they supplied to the criminal organizations.

So what legit businesses can learn about all those cases, is simple: DO NOT TRUST ENCRYPTED PHONES.

Second important lesson to be learned is that encryption is not always cracked, because it takes a lot of time, money , efforts and huge computational power to crack a good encryption . What usually happens is that the original data is hacked before its encryption or after its decryption, on the device used for communicating .

This is the reason why Telegram, Signal and all the rest of so called end to end encrypted messaging apps, are actually worthless. Anyway the hackers will watch remotely your screen and see exactly what you see on it.

The DigitalBank Vault company has developed for the last 3 years an extremely powerful encryption system called " Encrygma"

This system works offline, without any server's involvement , it is based on the DBV SuperEncryption Tech .

SuperEncryption is encrypting each file , multiple times, each time with different encryption keys and different encryption algorithms.

In addition the encryption keys used, are generated solely by the user, for a few milliseconds and then erased permanently, so that encryption keys are not stored anywhere , at any given time, or exchanged between communicating parties. Any digital forensic examination will not be able to extract the encryption keys used.

This is why the ENCRYGMA is a Cyber Attack Weapon against Hackers.

Try for 30 days ( free of charge) the DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption System. Transform any Android device or Windows Laptop into an Unbreakable Encryption Machine

This version is fully working but doesn’t include real time voice calls . The Full version includes real time messaging and voice calls.

Try to encrypt a doc, video, image, text , audio file.... and present the encrypted file to the leading hackers you may know.... they will never be able to decipher the original data encrypted. Never. Ever.

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