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Encryption Machines are the ultimate solution for regaining total privacy and secrecy.

What is exactly an "encryption device or machine?". An encryption device is a dedicated and 'isolated' hardware where the encryption and decryption process happens.

There are a lot of excellent encryption systems out there, but most of them are installed on devices that are connected online, like smartphones and laptops. Those internet-connected devices are vulnerable to hacking and can get easily infected by spyware, malware, or ransomware. In fact, whatever type of encryption system is used, is completely useless, because the data has been hacked before you even encrypted it.

A 'separate' Encryption device is helping you overcome this security problem, that otherwise is not easy to solve, because honestly, no matter what cybersecurity measures you will adopt, you can always be hacked, as long as your system is internet-connected.

Encryption Systems must be kept offline, on dedicated devices, in order to be immune to cyber attacks. Just see how many hacking events happened lately in the USA, all executed by foreign state-sponsored hacking teams. Make no mistakes about it, conventional cybersecurity solutions will not safeguard your secrets.

Absolute security powered by SuperEncipherment Tech

The encryption of sensitive and/or classified information for being transmitted and/or stored is an integral part of a corporation, organization, and institution's cybersecurity methodology.

Our capabilities offer you absolute cyber defense of classified data, in the encryption/decryption process. With the DigitalBank Vault System, you can create your personal air-gapped (offline) encryption devices, designed in a way to be immune to any type of Spyware, Malware, Online or Offline Attacks, and any type of Digital Forensics Analysis. The DBV Operating System installed on your Android Device has no capabilities of storing any information, keys, data, files, or folders.

We supply to each client a different set of encryption algorithms, you actually own your private encryption system that nobody else has. Encryption systems that are not 'known' are usually impossible to decipher.

Please also note that for achieving maximum security it is advisable to use a dedicated Android and/or Windows laptop device and make sure the Android/Windows device is working only and exclusively offline, therefore an Online or Remote Hacking Attack will not be feasible.

An Offline attack is not feasible too, because of all the above mentioned. By Encrypting and Decrypting in what we called an 'air-gapped' environment (Offline), any potential online attack vector can be neutralized.

The DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption Software: The One Time Pad Encryption Software installed on your Offline Android or Windows Device is able to encrypt and decrypt any type of files, folders, extensions, voice, text audio messages, and more.

For Maximum security, Data for decryption is imported and data encrypted can be exported through cables, SD cards, or Bluetooth, without ever connecting the Android Device to the Net.

No encryption keys ever leave the “air-gapped” device, and no encryption keys are ever stored on the device. In case you want to transfer files online, you can choose to connect the Android Device but only after the encryption/decryption process has been completed.

No Encryption Keys Stored = Nothing to Hack


Defending mobile & computer communications for high-level officials and decision-makers

The DBV Android Encryption App can be used with all Android and Windows PCs online devices. However, we strongly advise installing and use the DBV Encryption System on dedicated devices, used for encryption/decryption purposes only and kept always offline, while transferring encrypted files to and from the offline device, by QR codes, Cables, USB, or SD Cards.

Private Encrypted Network: Each User receives a dedicated set of encryption algorithms. This Unique Version of the Encryption system can be then distributed by the user to his network of contacts (in the form of applications) for enabling ultra-secure internal communications between managers, partners, workers, clients. You will receive a large package of downloads of your unique encryption system so that you can distribute it to your contacts and be able to exchange encrypted files with them.

Watch the 29 seconds video here below, Barack Obama is explaining the basics of the tech, in a very precise manner:

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