• DigitalBank Vault

TRUST NOTHING. NOBODY. NOWHERE: Personal Unique Encryption System

The DigitalBank Vault ® Encryption is a double layer of uncrackable security

to the cyber tech already in use by your organization.

When you don't trust anymore, anyone,

within your organization

It's Time to Use Your Personal Unique Encryption System

You can encrypt your sensitive files and confidential P2P communications

with your own personally customized DBV Encryption System,

so that in case hackers or insiders get into the databases

and succeed to crack the company's encryption,

they will find an unpleasant surprise:

your DBV unique encrypted files!

The Ultimate Cyber Defense Against Insider Threats


Your organization has now an additional tech, to block insider's threats,

devastating data breaches, cyber-attacks, and communication leakages.

We cannot prevent these hacking efforts,

but we make sure that there is nothing useful to hack.

You cannot hack what isn’t there!

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