• Adam Adler

What is the most secure mobile device ever engineered? ENCRYGMA

Updated: Jul 5

The technological age we live in has been good for many things. Except for Privacy. Listening in, eavesdropping, and snooping have become global industries.

We’re concerned.

Concerned about the people who say they have our best interests at heart - the tech giants, the internet superpowers, the authorities. Concerned about the way technology collects personal data for profit. Concerned about the invasion and monetization of our privacy.

Security starts with the manufacturing process and stays with your smartphone from that point forward. When you boot up, each component of hardware and software is validated to ensure your device hasn’t been tampered with. Then your device is continuously monitored for events or changes that indicate a compromise to device security.

New solutions to even newer problems dealing with privacy are emerging every day. No matter how many practices or software solutions an individual or corporation adopts, the premise of data safety is blatantly simple: no unauthorized access.

Encryption is a wholesome and simple solution to information security. Data traveling in a secure impenetrable tunnel that only the receiver and sender have access to either end.




SuperEncrypted Communications

The times that we live in are full of abbreviations and acronyms for mod-cons. Things change and evolve; needs you never thought you had, have been met. However, one crucial aspect of moving into the technologically prosperous future somehow remains left in the garden shed — your privacy.



How the DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption Device works ? Video presentation on the below link:

Sincerely, The DigitalBank Vault Team

Mobile devices are a part of everyone’s lives – both business and private – and DigitalBank Vault Technologies is here to ensure that we use them, safe in the knowledge that our privacy is assured. They are a forward-thinking group of anti-hacking experts, developers from elite military cyber units, and telecom veterans who have pooled their knowledge and experience to build future-ready security, care, and management solutions. From mobile devices to management systems, DigitalBank Vault wants to see a world where individuals and organizations have access to more secure devices, without compromising on user experience and service.

With the DigitalBank Vault Encryption System, you can now transform any Android Device into a Government Grade Encryption Platform.

The best advice is to buy a fresh new Android smartphone, without inserting any Sim card, just connect it to the net, download the DigitalBank Vault Encryption System, and one more email app such as Protonmail, and you are set to go.

This dedicated Android device should remain always offline, and you connected it to the internet only and exclusively for importing or exporting already encrypted files.

All the encryption and decryption process must happen offline.

The moment the files are encrypted, you can then get connected and send the encrypted file through Protonmail or other apps we will recommend you.

If properly used, you have in your hands a powerful encryption platform that is at the same level as the top classified encryption systems used by Governments and Armies.



Because of the current structure of the mobile communications system, smartphones have become significantly more vulnerable to "cellular hacks" compared to other computing devices. The two major concerns when it comes to mobile communications are eavesdropping and automatic rebilling. On analog networks such as CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), anyone within your range with a scanner could pick up your cellular signal and listen to every single one of your personal and private conversations. With the recent move towards CDMA and GSM digital networks, your phone calls are now encrypted for your protection, however, eavesdroppers with the right patience and determination can decrypt your calls and still listen to your conversation.

Let's not forget about automatic, fraudulent rebilling. This is when criminals get a hold of your smartphone's signal, dissect it, and then clone your phone number. Afterward, they can program your number into their phone and begin billing items directly from your account. As you well know, hackers will do anything to get your information and in today's world, you should protect your data and your well-being at all times.

As an iPhone user, we know that you value your privacy quite highly. Like the majority of those using iPhones, they would probably feel uneasy if they found out they were under constant surveillance by an unknown hacker having access to their private conversations and e-mails. Yet with the new generation of iPhone app spyware which has just hit the market, this situation is actually happening to some people. As you well know, the iPhone is an incredibly useful tool that helps to organize your life, communicate more effectively with family and friends, and get access to huge amounts of data whenever you need it. And all this comes from one compact, handheld package which slips easily into your pocket. 10 years ago we could only have dreamed of this. However, there is a hidden, dark side to the current smartphone craze. Many people do not realize this, but just as desktop and laptop PCs could become infected with spyware, this also applies to your iPhone.

Please understand that all iPhone models are capable of being compromised with iPhone spyware. We know that mentioning the thought of someone looking into your calls and messages can be worrying, but there are some malicious people in the world who are willing and able to spy on others. It could be your spouse or partner, your children, your friends or your business associates. Whoever is a target, hackers do not feel any remorse whatsoever about spying on people and affecting their livelihood. Once the hackers can find a way to install spyware invisibly in the background, the phone's user will very much remain totally ignorant of uninvited malware.

In addition, once the spyware has been installed on an iPhone, all the spymaster needs to do is to navigate to a website using any browser made available for his viewing pleasure and record all of your phone conversations, text messages, e-mails sent and received, and your lists of websites that were browsed on your phone. Also, he can even use insidious spyware packages that can even record your physical location through your iPhone using data tower and GPS triangulation. Some spyware can even record all sounds around your iPhone even it is apparently turned off. This means that any private conversations will be picked up and recorded even if the phone is in your pocket!