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Your "End to End encrypted" communications are totally unsafe

Updated: Jul 5

Your "End to End encrypted" communications are totally unsafe. All your most confidential calls are hacked directly from your cellphone, not in transit, so your voice is recorded while speaking...and it really doesn't matter if then it is encrypted while being transferred. Your call can be also hacked at the server level.

Do you trust the provider? Who is creating the encryption keys and who is managing them? If it is the 'secure phone provider, it means that he can also decrypt the communications passing through their servers! When you trust a third party for securing your classified communications, your data is absolutely exposed.

And why trust a third party that supplies you with their "modified' and secure cellphone? Why trust third-party hardware? You really need to be a fool in order to believe security provided by any third party.




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Absolute security powered by SuperEncipherment Tech

The encryption of sensitive and/or classified information for being transmitted and/or stored is an integral part of a financial institution's cybersecurity methodology.

Our capabilities offer you absolute cybersecurity in the encryption/decryption process. With the DigitalBank Vault System, you can create your personal air-gapped (offline) encryption devices, designed in a way to be immune to any type of Spyware, Malware, Online or Offline Attacks, and any type of Digital Forensics Analysis.

The DBV Encryption System installed on your Android, Windows devices, has no capabilities of storing any information, keys, data, files, or folders.

We supply to each client a different set of encryption algorithms, you actually own your private encryption system that nobody else has.

Please also note that for achieving maximum security it is advisable to use a dedicated Android device and make sure the Android device is working only and exclusively offline, therefore an Online Attack is impossible.

An Offline attack is not feasible too, because of all the above mentioned.

By Encrypting and Decrypting Offline any online attack vector can be neutralized.

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