The Science of Emptiness

Encounter the next era in cybersecurity


“ Breaking into an Empty Bank Vault” 


No Storage. No Encryption Keys. Nothing to Hack

There are two ways to create the ‘​emptiness ​ ’ effect of  data storage systems and servers : 
Creating systems that do not store, and cannot store any encryption keys

 so that no data can be extracted from them, ever.

 The second option is to create a system that is like a Magicians Box.


Creating the ‘​Illusion of Emptiness ​ ’


Data is indeed stored within this system, but cannot be seen by intruders. 


Keyless Encryption within an“​Empty Storage Environment” 

Think of the above dots as 6 files stored within the system.


These files are not ‘​at rest’ ​ like on the conventional storage’s memory.  


Constantly moving, circulating at extremely high speed, not residing in any fixed folders.

By “merging” together, two files are self-encrypting themselves without keys.


When they divide back into single files, they ​‘decrypt’ ​ themselves.  

Single Files can encrypt themselves too,

without encryption keys, by simply dividing themselves into multiple parts.  
Everything is governed by an advanced combination of random algorithms.  
The fact that the files are constantly moving so fast, without having a fixed location, ​while encrypting and decrypting themselves on a constant basis ​, for the attacking hackers, it creates the illusion of a ‘​black hole’ ​

 a system that has no visible files stored, with no visible encryption keys.  
This technology can be integrated on data servers, on computer network systems and
 within secure microchips to be installed on all operating systems such as smartphones, computers and wherever an ultra-secure data storage system is needed. 


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