The DigitalBank Vault ® Technology is based on our Triple Zero Standards: 

     ZERO TRUST  >    
       ZERO KNOWLEDGE  >    

Zero Trust:​ The users of the cybersecurity systems do not have to trust any third party for storing their sensitive data or for securing their communications.
Zero-Knowledge: ​In case the transmission of data requires the use of third-party services e.g. in the form of servers, the information will be end to end encrypted, and 100% anonymous. This means the third party will have zero knowledge of the content of the files in transit.

Zero Storage:​ No Storage, means that in the case of an hacking attack, there is virtually nothing to hack. DigitalBank Vault ® systems do not store encryption keys Anywhere, at Any given time.


DigitalBank Vault ® technology  is based on a revolutionary concept in cyber defense:

The Keyless Encryption​  

 Encryption Keys are the main target of hacking, the total absence of keys within

the system makes the cracking of data virtually impossible, even to future

quantum computing

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The Zero Storage Standard ​Concept: 

NO Encryption Keys are ever stored, Anywhere.

There is Nothing to Hack. 

The​ Triple Zero Standard​ Cyber Security Technology​ prevents

data breaches and hostile hacking attacks

​Applied to Data Servers, Data/Information centers, Cloud-Based Services, Banking & Financial Industries, Credit Card Companies & Mobile Payment Provider Industries, Aerospace, Defense and Intelligence, Healthcare, Stock Brokerages & Exchanges, Credit Unions, Investment Funds, Accountancy Companies & other financial sectors.

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