The DigitalBank Vault® Technology is a world-leading cyber defense solution for securing total privacy over text and voice communications.
We provide cyber defense solutions against the new communication's interception challenges in today's highly dynamic cyber battlefield.


No Data or Files are permanently stored on the device.

Nothing can be ever extracted.

No Information is compromised at any given time.

Forensic analysis will retrieve Zero information from the user's device.


Impenetrable solutions for secure mobile communications

No Servers 

No Encryption Keys Stored 

No Data Stored on the Device


Zero-Knowledge Technology  

Keyless Encryption by DigitalBank Vault®

Untraceable Anonymous Encrypted Voice Calls


Undecipherable Text Messaging Chat

Ultra Confidential Email Platform


100% Secure Encrypted File Transfers 


Decentralized Blockchain-Based Storage

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Anonymous,End to End, Peer to Peer Communication

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