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Best Encrypted, UnHackable and Untraceable Phones In 2022

All encrypted phones connected to the cellular network are fully traceable, hackable and digital forensic analysis will easily extract all the encrypted information stored on them.

We suggest you to stop searching for unhackable encrypted phones because there are no ones around and will never be, even in 2022.

Untraceable too, is difficult to think that an encrypted phone using the cellular network cannot be easily traced. Make no mistakes about it.

So that if you are really looking for the best encrypted phone to hit in the market in 2022, please do not fall into the illusive thinking of full security because those phone are totally unsafe.

So how do you really reach the "untreacable" feature? First of all never connect to any cellular network. Communicate through the internet, using full encrypted private networks and always back yourself with VPNs .

This is exactly what DigitalBank Vault is offering: private, dedicated, individual encryption systems that are fully controlled only and exclusively by the user, without the need of any third party services. All systems provided are based on our SuperEncryption technology, while each client gets a customized set of encryption algorithms, unique only to him.

The DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption system is working offline, without servers and no encryption keys are ever stored.

The Encrygma is a private fully encrypted communication network that enables ultra secure real time voice and video conversations, text messaging and file's exchanges. We build for clients a personal communication network, with its own set of encryption algorithms and working on a private platform fully owned by the client.

We invite you to consult with us, if you are looking to achieve maximum secrecy over your top classified communications and data transfer.

Email us at for coordinating a call.

You are, in the meantime, most welcome to visit our website and try out our full working demos:

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