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Edward Snowden: The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) has still not been effectively cracked

DigitalBank Vault Encryption is a combination of a few powerful encryption technologies such as AES, One Time Pad, and our keyless tech, where no encryption keys are stored anywhere, anytime, and most important are never exchanged.

Though the National Security Agency spends billions of dollars to crack encryption technologies, security experts maintain that properly implemented, encryption is still the best way to maintain online privacy.

Some forms of encryption are still unbreakable for the NSA, according to Snowden. Instead, the NSA attempts to bypass encryption by capturing data before it is scrambled, obtaining access to provide services and messaging apps, such as Skype, Signal, Whatsapp, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Wire, Telegram, and all cloud storage providers, including the encrypted ones like Protonmail.

The NSA is also maintaining an encryption key database for all commercial products and tried to obtain others not available, possibly by breaking into companies' servers, the report said. Quantum and Mega Fast computers are also used to brute-force crack encryption, with billions of dollars invested in the program.

Weaknesses have also been introduced into unspecified commercial products, as the NSA has worked with the US and overseas tech companies to ensure backdoor access to data.

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