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Encrochat 2021 New Unbreakable Version: No Servers. No Encryption Keys Stored. No Data to Extract

Encrochat is dead of course and has also buried with its death, thousands of legitimate users, that now lost confidence in "secure encrypted phones" , and honestly speaking they are totally right.

You cannot trust any encrypted phones providers...why? Because all the so called 'end to end encrypted" communications are passing through their own servers that can be hacked .

Another common problem with "centralized" communication systems is that you need to really trust the workers at the company's providers.. why? Because they can access all your 'encrypted data' even if the provider told you that they work on what is called " zero knowledge standard", that means that they cannot 'read' the data passing through their servers.

Another issue with 'centralized' servers is that if presented with a court order, the service providers will let them scan the servers and extract all the information stored, including yours of course.

The solution is 'Serverless' , that our encryption system works without servers at all , actually it works completely offline, without any internet connection needed, so that you can presume that is immune to online hacking. The DigitalBank Vault Company is not a third party !

We have no servers, we are not connected to the Encrygma SuperEncryption System at any given moment.

Servers are the "mother' of all cyber security problems. That is the reason why all secretive systems working on nuclear stations are working completely offline without any connection to servers.


Another cyber security failure is the encryption keys. Who generates them? Who is storing them? Where they are stored? The moment encryption keys are managed by a third party, you are doomed! It is like giving the keys to your secrets to unknown people!

The solution is working independently . The user is the one generating the encryption keys and the only one able to access them. Encryption keys are never stored, anywhere, they are generated on the spot, each time someone wants to encrypt/decrypt data.


All Hacked Encrypted phones like the SKY ECC or Encrochat, even if not hacked , are dangerous , because if the device falls in the wrong hands, they can extract all the data stored on the device and incase it is encrypted but the encryption keys are stored on the device too, the attacker will be able to decipher all your encrypted data. solution is different. The device cannot store any kind of data. After each communication session everything is erased, permanently, from the device used. Any kind of data extraction is not feasible. Guaranteed. This is actually the big difference between normal encrypted phones VS. SuperEncryption Devices.

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