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How to Block the NSO Group Spyware Pegasus from Spying on You ? How to Deceive the NSO Group?

Important FACT : the moment you are infected you cannot remove it anymore. Yes, even if you reset your device completely. There is no technical solution to get rid of their spyware because it resides within the OS of your smartphone and will be re-installed again and again. Changing your SIM card of course is not an option.

So how can you screw them? How can you 'cheat' the NSO Group Pegasus Spyware?

VERY IMPORTANT FACT: Data that cannot be read is useless to the clients of the NSO group.

The only solution is to retain on the infected phone your most confidential data , in a SuperEncrypted form.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT : the encryption and decryption of classified data must happens outside the infected device. You cannot install an Encryption system on the NSO Pegasus spyware infected phone of yours. They will extract all the information before it's encrypted or right after it is decrypted!

You have to use a second device, that is kept always offline, on which there is only one functioning application : the Encryption App. Then when files are encrypted, you can 'move them' from the dedicated offline device to the potentially infected online device you are using .

Only fully encrypted data must reach the infected device, and then shared safely online with any party you want or even stored on the infected device ( anyway NSO Group will not be able to decipher it ).

We invite you to visit the above link in order to understand how the DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption System works.

There are dozens of methods to bypass the NSO Group Spyware, we will present you more methods in the next blogs .

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