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The Privacy Vampires: Companies helping Dodgy Countries in cyber hacking smartphones and computers.

The NSO Group , Candiru and many other companies are helping Governments to fight crime and terrorism , BUT THEY also help tyrannical countries , to cyber attack their political dissidents, the local opposition, prominent activists , reporters, journalists and opponents.

This is the entire truth . Make no mistakes about it. Think in a logical way : any democratic country can easily obtain a court order for starting a smartphone surveillance against an alleged criminal or terrorist. Why they need such potent spyware systems? They can achieve almost the same results with a court order.

The answer is simple, they want to remotely control the information exchanged between smartphones of people that are totally not criminals or potential terrorists. They want to cyber attack innocent people that they couldn’t otherwise intercept.

We speak about illegal interception in this case. Yes, it is true that if I sell a cyber weapon to a legitimate Government , I do not have the entire knowledge of whom will be targeted. I can understand their point. Also in our business of Encryption , we are selling to clients that passed a KYC and due diligence process , but at the end of the day, this client may pass it to some other fellows that we are not aware of.

Encryption Systems too, can be a cyber weapon if falls in the wrong hands.

At least we know that we promote privacy and not the opposite .

How to fight back such Privacy Vampires as all those Spyware and Cyber Attack companies now proliferating so widely?

The answer is one : SuperEncryption

Data that cannot be read is useless to cyber criminals

MAKE NO MISTAKES ABOUT IT : your smartphones and PCs may be already compromised by some kind of spyware or malware. Maybe a 'dormant one' that will become active upon remote order.

REMEMBER THAT: you must presume that your devices are already compromised. YES ! INDEED! You need to adopt the assumption that you are already under surveillance and the your network is infected.

NOW WHAT? Changing devices will not solve your problem, because if you are targeted, you will be targeted again and the new devices will eventually get infected over time.

SO WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? Offline, Keyless, Serverless SuperEncryption , and this exactly what we do at DigitalBank Vault.

If Encrygma SuperEncrypted information is stored or exchanged between infected devices , no spyware company out there will be able to decipher the original content. The DigitalBank Vault Encryption is 'above' Government level and no foreign government or intelligence agencies can crack it.

You can download our 30 days free trial version, encrypt a document, file, text message, image, video , audio .... and give it to the best hackers you know. They will never, ever, be able to decrypt the information, as long as you used our system as explained.

The ENCRYGMA SuperEncryption System works totally offline, without any internet connection, it works without any servers and encryption keys are generated on the spot, by the user and then never stored or exchanged, any where or with anyone.

The trick is simple: all the encryption and decryption procedures are executed offline, on a separate device and only SuperEncrypted data is reaching the infected online devices. Therefore become "unredeable" to spyware like the NSO Group Pegasus or the different spyware and malware developed by Candiru.

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