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ENCRYGMA: Is there an app for secret texting? What is the best app for private texting?

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SuperEncrypted Communications

What is the best app for private texting? How do you secretly text? What texting app Cannot be traced? How do you secretly talk to someone? Can an anonymous texting app be traced? What secret apps look like? How to Keep it Secret: The Best Private Texting & Calling Apps. How to Send Secret Text Messages with A Secret Texting App?

The DigitalBank Vault Encryption System

For Android Devices £ 2500 GBP/ Year :

1. Anonymous & Uncrackable Text, Voice/Audio, Video,

Images and Files Messaging

2. Undecipherable FilesTransfer and Files Storage

3. Customized Set Of Encryption Algorithms

for each individual client

You can download the Encryption System directly to the Android smartphone you are currently using, or buy a new Android device and

transform it into a dedicated encryption machine that will be always

kept offline for achieving maximum security.

More Information on this PDF Presentation:

Use Anywhere

Leave No Trace

Serverless P2P Voice and Video Messaging



Undecipherable Text Messaging Chat

Ultra Secure File Transfer

and Storage

Immune to Digital Forensic Analysis

CEOs, VIPs, Celebs & Business Oligarchs are using the

DBV Personal Encryption Systems for their Confidential Communications

The DigitalBank Vault System is a completely different system than all the so-called " secure communications apps" and " end-to-end encrypted messengers".

We speak about Telegram, Whatsapp, Wire, Signal, FaceTime, and more.

The Above Apps is totally unsecured, those are the reasons :

1. Working Online. so it is totally vulnerable to hacking (our system works completely offline)

2. App downloaded to cellular devices that can be easily compromised by Spyware and Malware so that whatever is encrypted is completely useless, the " foreign agent" within the device can ear, watch, take screenshots, of all the data before its encryption (the DBV system works offline, on dedicated air-gapped devices, all encryption/decryption is done offline, only after the file's encryption, the files are transferred online)

3. This App is creating for you the encryption keys that are then shared with the communicating party (in the DBV system the user is the one generating the one-time pad encryption keys used and no encryption keys are exchanged between the communicating parties)

4. Key Management: this app is creating the encryption keys for the user, so first of all you need to trust the company that will not give anyone the encryption keys, you then need to trust the company that they are safeguarding the encryption keys in the safest way possible, and trust them that they will not access your encrypted communications (the DBV system is based on Zero Trust - you do not need to trust anybody- in our system, the encryption keys are generated by the user, on the spot, the moment they are needed, for a few milliseconds, then disappear permanently from the system, Encryption keys are never stored, anywhere, not on any server of course, and not on the device used)

5. This app is working with a server, this server can be hacked by cybercriminals or maybe the company will give access the authorities access to their servers ( we are not a third party, DBV systems are not connected to any servers, we have no connection to the system used by the user).

6. App needs registration, username, passwords, credentials, and more (In DBV System No registration & No Username/Password needed- can be used completely in an anonymous way )

7. The Encryption used in this app is "general", the same for any user, just the encryption keys are changing (with the DBV System, Each Individual User gets his own Unique, Personal Encryption System with a dedicated set of encryption algorithms)

DBV proprietary OS is immune to any Spyware, Malware, Online or Offline Attacks, and Digital Forensics Analysis.

The DBV system is more secure than a face to face meeting. We have additional advantages which are listed in the PDF presentation attached to this email. If a company needs absolute security in confidential communications, classified file transfer, and database storage, we can provide them with totally impenetrable solutions, technologies that are currently available only to top-level Government agencies.



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