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Encrochat Alternatives, Encrochat Owner, Encrochat Evidence, Encrochat Replacement?

What are the best Encrochat Alternatives in the market currently?

Who was the real Encrochat Owner?

What is the most significant Encrochat Evidence found?

Is there a secure Encrochat Phone Replacement?

The Encrochat owner is running away from criminals which he took advantage of by selling them a completely not secured form of encrypted communication. He lied about the fact that his devices were 100% secure. Privacy seekers have been deceived because they really do not understand the technical basis of what is a totally secured communication, like the one used by Government agencies.

Encrochat Servers supplied a lot of pieces of evidence to the authorities. Maybe they accessed the servers of Encrochat with the permission of the owners, or maybe the really cracked it.

Any way you take it, what happened here is a huge data breach.

Do you need an Encrochat replacement? Well, we suggest you this time to be more careful with what security provider you choose.

When looking for an Encrochat Alternative, remember one important Rule:

The Triple Zero Standard

Zero Trust- Zero Knowledge- Zero Storage

Those are the basic rules of absolute security over communication. You disregard them and you will be exposed.

DigitalBank Vault Encryption Systems allows you to share any file extensions in an unbreakable encrypted form, to guarantee an absolutely private P2P communication.

We developed our own end-to-end encryption technology and this is what makes the stealing of information from the DigitalBank Vault virtually impossible and guarantees the privacy of your communication.

All data and metadata is encrypted on the device and is not stored on any servers, anywhere. Nothing can be ever extracted from the device used.

Block Interception.

Tapping & Surveillance on Your Organization

DigitalBank Vault® provides sophisticated Digital Anti Surveillance & Anti Interception technologies: military-grade encryption systems for ultra-secure anonymous communication (voice, video & text messaging) with untraceable file transfers & storage solutions Privacy is Priceless

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