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How to Bypass the NSO Group Spyware "Pegasus"

Updated: Jul 5

We have been asked by journalists, human right activists and politicians, in the last years “ how to prevent NSO Group spyware from infecting our smartphones?”

A lot of BS has been written online on how to detect it, how to remove it, how to make sure you do not ‘get it’.

Please be careful about reading nonsense online, written by people that call themselves experts, but don't really understand the power behind the NSO technology.

The NSO group has hundreds of cyber security engineers, working 24 hours a day developing advanced tech for infecting Iphone and Android devices, and they work in parallel on all smartphone models and adapt their tech to any new security update released from Apple or Android.

Do you have an Android or iPhone? You are doomed. They will f**k your device, plant their spyware, no matter what measures you will take.

All articles you read, even if written by top level experts, advising you how not to click links, how not to open messages from unknown numbers and all other precautions they list, is completely worthless.

NSO Group Spyware, Pegasus or call it whatever you want, will infect your smartphone, reside within your system, and even a reset to factory standards, will not remove it, you will need to throw away that device, this is the only solution for ‘getting rid of the Pegasus spyware”.

The Canadian “Citizen Lab” is doing a great research job on NSO Group but never gave a real solution on how to fight this spyware.

We have been asked to design communication systems that can bypass the NSO Group spyware. We will present you here a few solutions on how to fight back this potent spyware and still be able to communicate safely.

First of all, continue to use your current smartphone, let them spy on irrelevant information, use that smartphone for anything that is not confidential. Let them gather BS from your phone, make sure that nothing that can compromise your physical safety and your classified data, is discussed on this device.

In parallel, you need to use an additional device. Not an iPhone and Not an Android. There are some good OS that you can use, and that NSO Group spyware is not covering. They can’t work on all operating systems available. For example, Lineage OS is okay, E Foundation OS is good, Librem Purism OS….. check around, look for the less ‘popular’ ones, in order to be sure that NSO did not start yet to ‘learn’ it. They develop offensive hacking tech for the main operating systems in the market.

Try not to get a SIM card for this new ‘phone’, not having a cellular number is better. Use this additional device only when needed to convey ‘restricted’ information to your counterparts. Always keep it offline and connect it only when you need to communicate.

Of course, you need to communicate with this device, what you need to do is to find a reliable messenger where you can place VoIP calls, send text messages, files, etc… for example, the “ Twinme” app, Skred Messenger, and many others….

From that moment on, you communicate your sensitive information only through this new additional internet-based device. Do you need internet on the go? Open your ‘personal hotspot’ on your regular smartphone and transmit WiFi to your ‘secret’ device.

The Above mentioned is not a full-proof solution to fight Pegasus and other Spyware, but at least you are partially more in the ‘safe zone’ and have less chance to get hacked by the NSO Group. And always remember not to install anything on them, just the messenger app you will choose and communicate only with your close circle of people that needs of course to use the same OS and messenger you will use because otherwise, it is useless to make all those efforts… imagine that you send from your ‘secured’ device a message, but the receiver opens it on his regular smartphone, it is game over...because his device is compromised already.

What we designed for leading journalists, politicians and VIPs is using a more sophisticated approach to bypass the NSO Group technology.

We created our own OS, each organization gets a slightly different version, so that if NSO Group tries to learn about this OS by buying it from us somehow, they will get one version that is not the same as supplied to other clients.

You have included within this OS a customized messenger system for conducting voice calls, text messaging, and files transfer.




SuperEncrypted Communications

The DBV device, when shut down, is erasing in 10 consecutive cycles, all the data on the device. How is it done?

Erase all data, overwrite it with junk data, encrypt randomly the junk data, this is done 10 consecutive times.

By making those 10 ‘erasure’ cycles, you make sure that data that potentially has been ‘hacked’ by the NSO Group spyware, and that is residing within the device and waits to be sent out to their servers, will not be available for them to read.

Let’s assume that they collect information from the device, then encrypt it and zip it, and store it on your device, ready to be sent out…. but what really happens is that you overwrite the entire ‘disk’, and you also randomly encrypt the junk data overwritten! Maybe they will still be able to send out the data collected, but what they will get is useless... Just fragmented, encrypted junk data.

The OS then is resetting itself….so that each time you switch on the device, it is like you get a new fresh device.

This DBV device can be also used offline, always, and still be able to communicate voice and video messages, text messages, and files.

How is it possible? On the device, we have included also the DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption System ( more information on ) .

You keep the DBV device always offline, you encrypt all the information needed and pass it to the regular online device ( smartphone or PC) only the encrypted files and send them securely by any communication means you usually use.

The idea is simple, only encrypted files and information is reaching the device you think is infected by the NSO Group Spyware. Remember that those files are created offline, on a separate device.

The NSO Group spyware will hack this encrypted text or file, will transmit it to their servers, but they will not be able to decipher the data. The DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption system is ‘above Government level’, which means no foreign governments or intelligence agencies can decipher it, no matter how much computational power they will apply. It is OTP-based and if you read about OTP encryption, you will learn that it is unbreakable. Of course, it is not only OTP but rather working on what is called Multiple encryptions. In addition, it is “Keyless”, no encryption keys are stored anywhere or transmitted. We have no servers and the tech is working 100% offline (totally air-gapped), so that it is quite immune to online attacks.

We did not disclose in this article all the "know-how", or all the features, for obvious security reasons, but we really wanted to give you a clear idea that you do not need to necessarily become the next victim of the NSO Group spyware tech, there are unconventional ways to fight them back and secure your privacy.

The NSO Group is indeed the best one in the World in this field, but this doesn't mean that you can't beat them. Like hackers love to say "every system can be hacked", we say that also "every hacking tech can be bypassed".

Make no mistakes about it. You just have to change the Cyber Defense Paradigm!

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