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What is an Encryption Device? The Meaning of "Encryption Device"

Updated: Jul 5

What does it mean " Encryption Device"? Encryption devices or Encryption Machines ( as called sometimes) are devices dedicated exclusively to the operation of encryption and decryption of data. A lot of people make a mistake in thinking that an encryption device is a communication system because a lot of 'secure encrypted phones' are offered, online.

The encryption device or machine is not directly communicating with the external world, but rather a device whose sole purpose is to execute encryption and decryption of files, in an ' air gapped' environment, therefore is a device that is always kept offline.

To achieve maximum secrecy, you need to encrypt and decrypt on a separate device, not the one you always use, which is almost always online and can be compromised.

Your smartphone and laptop can be already compromised by some kind of malware or spyware, and using an encrypted system on those devices, is useless because the hackers are always residing within your device, reading, watching, and listening to whatever you do. All encrypted files you generate, are useless because the hackers already 'picked up the original version, the ' unencrypted' one before you actually encrypt it.

This is the reason the pros, like top-level diplomats, intelligence agencies, secret agents, and else, are using dedicated encryption machines, where all the sensitive data received is deciphered or encrypted before sending it out.

You cannot expect to achieve absolute privacy by using encryption systems installed on your regular smartphone or laptop. The secure encrypted smartphones offered online, are a complete failure in terms of secrecy and privacy. Make no mistakes about it.

You must assume that your smartphone, PCs. Laptops, Servers, and Clouds are already compromised. Then what are your next steps? Think about it? This is really the best way to be ready for the next hacking attack that will eventually hit you.




SuperEncrypted Communications

What if all your most confidential data has been fully encrypted on a separate offline device and then transferred to regular online devices after encryption? Hackers will find only and exclusively encrypted files, that will not be able to access anyway, and as you know, data that cannot be read is useless to cybercriminals.

The DBV SuperEncryption Machines are separate devices, working offline, where you encrypt confidential data, that later on you can share online in an ultra-secure way, on any platform( email, communication messengers like Telegram, Whatsapp, or social media of any kind) or store data wherever you want (servers, PCs, hard disks, cloud).

The DBV Encryption System can be installed on separate, dedicated devices that you use, in addition to your smartphones and PCs, you are already using. The DBV System can be installed on Windows PCs and Android Devices always kept online. We can transform with our set of DBV software, any above-mentioned devices into a powerful and unbreakable encryption platform.

DBV System is working Serverless (no servers involved), completely Offline ( never connected to the internet), Keyless Encryption ( encryption keys are generated exclusively by the user, no encryption keys ever stored anywhere, no keys ever exchanged), Anonymous-no username password - no platforms - no registration needed.

Each client get a Personal, Unique Dedicated Encryption System, SuperEncryption - Multiple/Cascade Encryption (each file is encrypted 4 times, each time with different encryption

algorithms and different encryption keys), Multi-Language ( the DBV encryption system works in all languages).

More information? Visit our website at or email us at . We will be happy to assist you in achieving total secrecy over your communications.

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