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What is the Difference Between an "Encryption Device" and a " Secure Encrypted Phone"

Updated: Jul 5

In simple words is like the difference between walking completely naked or with your clothes.

You have to understand that whatever cellular phone you are using, no matter how much securely encrypted it is, you are exposed to remote hacking, digital surveillance, eavesdropping, extraction of data, interception, cyber espionage, ransomware, and the list goes on and on.

Encryption Devices are devices used only for encryption and decryption of top classified information and usually, they keep offline, in what we call an 'air-gapped environment".

Encryption Devices or Encryption Machines integrates advanced encryption systems but are not used as a direct way to communicate, but rather as a sophisticated encryption platform for encrypting data that later is shared or stored by and on other devices.




SuperEncrypted Communications

In the above 29 seconds video, Barack Obama actually explains in simple words, what is an encryption device.

Secure encrypted phones have been hacked, read about the " Blackberry Hacking" or the 'Encrochat Hacking" or the recent 'SKY ECC Hacking", google now those terms and you will understand that all those secure encrypted phones are not delivering you real security.

A secure encrypted phone is a cellphone working on the cellular network, that should provide you with encrypted communications that will secure the information exchanged between you and your counterparts. This false statement has been proved as a total illusion, a few times, during the last years.

No matter how much encrypted is your secure phone, as long as it is online and connected to the cellular network, you are 'walking naked'. All your most guarded secrets are wide open to be reached by different players.

No matter which provider you will choose, no matter how well reviewed he is, in the end, you have a big chance to get hacked, either directly on your secure communication device, or through their falsely secured servers.

An Encryption Device like the DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption System is working offline, without servers involved, and encryption keys are generated by the user only. It means that you are in total control over the entire encryption and decryption process.

Encryption machines ( or devices) are used only and exclusively for encrypting and decrypting sensitive information, only, and no direct communications are allowed.

The encrypted files are then exported to online devices, where the file can be then securely shared on any platform you want to use. It can be Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp, or any other form of communication. At any given time, the encrypted files are not deciphered on the online device ( that can be your regular smartphone or your pc).

When you receive an encrypted file, you transfer it to the encryption device and decipher it there, offline. So that in any case, the original non decrypted version of your information is never handled outside the encryption device ( machine).

This is the real and only feasible solution that you must adopt in order to 'communicate' safely confidential information or store classified data. All other ways out there, mean that you are walking naked and your entire data can get compromised at any given moment.

Make no mistakes about it: secure encrypted phones are a scam that gives you the false illusion of secrecy while leaving your most guarded secrets, reachable to anyone who wants them.

Your secure encrypted phones can be attacked by spyware, malware and maybe they come already with a built-in backdoor so that whatever you do on them, can be monitored remotely.

I hope you understand this important point! It is true that the calls and messages and files are encrypted end to end, but all of this is completely worthless!

Why? Simply because the information is hacked directly from your secure encrypted phone before it even leaves your phone. The hackers are within your phone already and can see what you see on your screen and can read what you read and can hear your phone conversations.

But with an Encryption Device, this cannot happen, because is a separate device, working offline, and the files exchanged online are all files that have been previously encrypted on this encryption machine, as you know, data that cannot be read is useless to cybercriminals.

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